The future of vehicle design is heavily dependent on validation engineers who can test the design in both virtual and physical environment. These engineers must have the ability to not just validate a few tests, but also optimize the model and make hard decisions to meet the functional and performance requirements.
Why Goken
At Goken, we rely on the seamless interaction of computer-aided design (CAD) geometry with finite element analysis (FEA) simulation to provide our clients with the right product performance specifications. Goken’s expertise in computer-aided engineering (CAE) and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) will address your product performance requirement. Our simulation engineers validate the design virtually while our test engineers validate physically and correlate it back to the CAE by conducting component, system ad vehicle level testing.
Where do we add value?
Launch A New Program
Validate Engineering Designs
Prototype Plannning
Infrastructure Support
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Launch A New Program
If you are about to launch a new program, our validation engineers can work for hand in glove with your designers at the planning stage to help target-setting and ensure that you optimize the design early on.
Technical Capabilities
Goken offers CAE services for different industries ranging from consumer products to automotive to aerospace
Structural Analysis
Linear/Non-Linear Static & Dynamic, Body Rigidity, Joint Stiffness
Frequency & Acoustic & Sensitivity Simulations
Topology for Lightweighting
Vehicle Dynamics testing – Steering, Suspension, Brake
Test mapping and setup, data acquisition for objective testing; and subjective testing for system and vehicle level
Vehicle Safety testing – Strength, Durability, Reliability
Test mapping and setup, data acquisition for component and system level
Our Process
Goken can support full analysis of components and mechanical systems from setting up models, analysing, summarizing and interpreting the results